What is Level?

Level is a new distribution platform for independent musicians. We first began Level Open Sessions in March 2018 in Austin, TX with a goal to offer musicians with a physical space to come and create for free. We're excited to roll the program out to New York and more cities in the future to be announced.

When and where are the Open Sessions?

Level Open Sessions: NYC will take place from Wednesday, September 19th to Friday, September 21st at the Warner/Chappell Studios in New York City. 

How long is each session?

Approximately 4-6 hours including set up, on-boarding with the Level team, recording time, and content production time.

How are people selected?

To be eligible, you'll need to first sign up to Level here. Since session slots are limited, we're working with our friends at BrooklynVegan to review all requests and select those that will best utilize the Open Sessions format. For us to best assess your request, we strongly encourage you to be as detailed as possible with what you hope to accomplish in a 4-6 hour studio session. We hope these sessions will be productive and fun at the same time. Please refer to our Official Rules here for more information.

Is it free?

Yes, it is entirely free to the artists who are selected to participate in the Open Sessions.

What do I need to include in my request?

Just fill out the request form here.

When will I hear back?

Due to the short time frame and the volume of applicants, we will only reach out to applicants who are selected to participate in Level’s Open Sessions. Those selected can expect to hear back from our team by September 14th, 2018 at the latest.

What time slots are available each day?

There will be 1-2 sessions per day. You can find the time slots detailed in the request form. You can also request your own time slots for consideration in the form.

How many people can I bring?

Apart from your music collaborators and/or group members participating in the sessions, you can bring up to 3 additional people who may be your manager, agent, and/or supporting persons. If you need to bring any additional participants, please elaborate in the comments section in the request form. We’ll be verifying IDs based on the names submitted in your request, prior to each session.

What’s provided at the Open Sessions?

A wide array of studio equipment, an in-house engineer, water, refreshments, snacks, and food.

Do I need to bring my own gear?

Feel free to bring what you need. We’ll also be providing equipment in the studio, listed here.

Do I need to bring anything else to the studio?

Bring your ideas and creative energy. Consider bringing your computer or hard drive if that is where you are storing your project, instrumentals, stems, etc., though it is not mandatory. If you do not have your computer or hard drive with you, be ensured that the music created during Open Sessions will be bounced to you via email.

What type of projects are best suited for these sessions?

We encourage artists who would be putting finishing touches on a single or track to put in a request. If you have a piece that you’re ready to record and engineer in a professional studio space, this is geared towards you as well. We expect artists to work on original material and to not use the time to remix, produce, or add to other artists’ work.

What type of content will be captured during these sessions?

On staff, we’ll have a writer, photographer, and videographer capturing these sessions and even sharing to Level social media channels in real time. You’ll be free to utilize the interviews, photos and videos produced by Level once they’re finalized.

Does Level own the rights to any recordings I create during these session?

No, you keep 100% of your rights to any recordings created in these sessions. Any photographic and video content captured by the Level team during these sessions will be owned by Level.

Will Open Sessions be available in other locations?

We first started Open Sessions during SXSW 2018 in Austin, TX and are now focused rolling out to cities like New York and more. Future opportunities and locations will be announced as they become available.




Please contact us at community@levelmusic.com.